STATE OPERA Building Hungary

 In the 19th century, when the opera was a very important indicator of social status, when elegant ladies glided like swans on the stairs and showed themselves, the Hungarian State Opera House was the most popular place in Hungary. In addition to being one of the most prestigious operas in the world, it is both one of the best acoustic music venues and one of the most aesthetic structures. The idea of building the Hungarian State Opera House, now known as the Hungarian Royal Opera House, started in 1873 with the design of Miklós Ybl, one of the most important Hungarian architects of the 19th century, who was also the architect of St. Stephen's Basilica. The construction of the Neo-Renaissance style opera house on Andrássy Street began in 1875 with the support of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph and funds from the city of Budapest. The building, which is still the biggest opera in all of Hungary today, was opened to the public on September 27, 1884. The building, which is q